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Welcome to my web page. My aim is to let you see what's happening in the world of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, here in Australia. I hope you enjoy the ongoing changes.

To all my regular and new visitors, I hope that 2023 provides you with continued forward vision and great success in your clinical practice.

For those affected by the ongoing world crises, including ongoing COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, my heartfelt feelings go out to you - tragedies befalling the entire world. May you stay safe and remain healthy.

I will now be controversial - if you are an "anti-vaxxer" or "flat-earther", you will disagree with my sentiments, but get vaccinated. Don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution and look at the true science and not the ridiculous diatribe being sprouted on non-science forums and websites. I hope those that visit this website are a little more intelligent than that.

Due to all the other commitments that I have, my newsletter will still be unavailable for the moment. This may change, so keep an eye out via my newsletter page.

The clinic continues to grow. Since merging my Prahran practice with the Brighton Spinal Group almost 21 years ago, with good management and great direction from all my co-Directors, the Clinic has seen steady growth. In 2017, the Brighton Spinal Group had a name change. It has now been renamed the Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic. The Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic encompasses practitioners from many disciplines, with special emphasis on the treatment of spinal conditions. For more information and a link to my web page, click here. For the clinic's web page, click on this link: Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic.

I hate the idea of showing pictures of myself, anytime, but here are two photos that continue to crop up to haunt me.

The one on the left shows me treating the lumbar spine of a poor unsuspecting Police Officer, from the World Police and Fire Games, held here in Melbourne in late 1995. The one on the right, a photo from the amazing Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, shows myself and Dr Peter Larkins, a most eminent Melbourne Sports Physician, in the Olympic Village PolyClinic.

1995 Police and Fire Games   Olympic Village PolyClinic

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

To make this site somewhat more exciting, I'll try to give you some information about different conditions, case studies and research findings. For those wanting to get some information about the treatment of different conditions, particularly spinal, I'll also continue to give you some clinical tidbits that may be useful. These will come from myself, or from some of the other clinicians that I work with here in Melbourne Australia.

To see a compilation of various clinical topics, please visit my Clinical Stuff page, and scroll down the list to see if there's something that will interest you - there's heaps there. As well, a section called "Articles of Interest" has been added with a list of many articles, all related to the management of neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

One thing that I will continue to do is provide you with hyperlinks to other interesting Physiotherapy and spinal related web sites.

I have also come across 2 sites that have wonderful animations. The first was shows common lumbar spine procedures and pathologies. To have a look at these, just click here. The second site is just as good and shows amazing animations of shoulder and knee arthroscopy procedures. These include animations of commonly performed surgical techniques such as ACL reconstructions and subacromial decompression of the shoulder. Just click here to check them out too. Once you've seen them, I'm sure you will be impressed too! I've even shown them to my patients to demonstrate what happens to their joints during surgery - it helps to allay some of their fears.

Now, I'm sure there are some good sites out there so, if you would like me to link to your Home Page, or if you know of some interesting link, relevant to Physiotherapy, spinal management or something that will tickle the fancy of our "surfers", drop me a line.

Another regular update will be the What's Up in Physiotherapy section - a page devoted to upcoming events in the Physiotherapy profession. Although, by no means complete, it will inform you of seminars, conferences meetings, etc. that are being convened, both in Australia and overseas.

Your feedback about my Web Page is important to me, so if you would like see specific information about the Web Page, or have any sites that you think may be of interest included on this page, please send comments or suggestions to:

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The concepts presented here are entirely the author's own (unless expressly stated) and do not represent the thoughts or ideas of any other person. The material presented is purely informational and is not intended to be used as medical or paramedical advice or treatment. Should you require management of a condition, you should seek appropriate help from a qualified Practitioner.

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