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Now it's time to pick your area of interest. These areas have just been updated - I've kept the most "popular" ones and changed the others. For the time being, there are no more "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" signs up on my page - great! I've had a couple of case studies sent to me, which I will try to include in the next revamp - thank-you to the authors. So, if you have an interesting case study, article or observation, please send it to me - I'd be happy to include it on my page.

I've also added a Search Engines link, so there's a way of searching for those elusive subjects without even leaving my page!

For those uninitiated with the terms used in Physiotherapy and musculoskeletal management, I continue to add more terms to the Glossary of Physiotherapy terms. If there is a term that should be on the list, please let me know. I'm open to any suggestions, so let me know if you would like any information about any particular area of Manipulative Physiotherapy - not too abstract though!

There is an easy way of accessing the topics - just pick the subject and then click "Go there".

Clinical Topics

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