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Although this Web site is in no way directly associated with the Australian Physiotherapy Association, nor endorsed by it, I consider that I have a natural and strong association with the organisation - and not only because I am a paid up member!

It provides, in my opinion, a body that brings together all facits of our evergrowing and dynamic Profession. It is the backbone for many aspects of our professional development, including political lobbying, public relations, advertising and mediation/negotiation with key bodies providing health care and services to the community.

As an integral part of my Physiotherapy clinical practice, I see the Australian Physiotherapy Association as being the guiding light into the new millenium - an organisation that will provide for, and nurture, our great Profession.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association has, in recent times, focussed on 4 key areas:

Professional Development Professional and Clinical Research
Resource Management Advocacy and Communication

For more information regarding the Australian Physiotherapy Association, visit their web site at:

APA Logo

Australian Physiotherapy Association

The concepts presented here are entirely the author's own (unless expressly stated) and do not represent the thoughts or ideas of any other person.

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